10 things not to spend money on in 2018

Hello Spring!

I am not as excited as I just greeted the season just now because Spring is like having your monthly visit from Aunt Flow except it’s for an entire season! Allergy season means puffy face, blotchy skin, hives, and a cabinet full of medicines and creams.

No one likes to keep spending money on various skin treatments and remedies according to the season. That’s why I find it fitting to welcome Spring with my “10 things I will not spend money on in 2018”.

Skin Essentials 2018

10 things I will not spend money on in 2018:

  1. Body lotion**
  2. Face serum**
  3. Body soap**
  4. Facial cleanser**
  5. Shoes
  6. Dryer sheets**
  7. Deodorant**
  8. Furniture/home decor
  9. Books
  10. Plants

**DIY recipes will soon be posted and linked

I also have really sensitive skin and my nostril hates even the faintest touch of pollen, dust, synthetic fragrance, or harsh chemicals. I made the decision to clear out our home for New Years and began experimenting with new natural DIY recipes…once again.

I am a little of a nut case over Ulta and shopped there at least once a month. This might be a little bit of a ‘challenge’ for me, but so far, I haven’t had the urge to shop online or drive to the nearest location. This year is a little different…

Since being debt-free a year ago, I am more determined than ever to build up our savings account and live simpler. This means no collecting unnecessary junks (we have a bit of a shopping problem), home decoration just because, and experimenting with beauty products.

I’m currently experimenting with new DIY natural recipes and giving them a good amount of weeks before being able to fully review and share them with you 🙂




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