Passion not profit


For the last five years, I have been trying to jumpstart my jewelry making hobby into an actual full-time business start-up. I welcomed the New Year by doing just that! I finally opened my jewelry shop on Etsy on January 03, 2017 as a birthday gift to my Joel.

I always admired dainty jewelry, but I was not always fond of the high end price. I create minimalist and dainty jewelry mixed with casual treasures. This post has been long overdue (it has been eight months since I have posted on the blog, and here is the reason why.)

Since the beginning of the year, I have been testing out the waters by learning new jewelry making technique (drilling, metal smithing, as well as playing with different textures.) In just a year since re-opening my etsy shop, I have attended my first event in the Arts District Downtown Las Vegas at #FFFLV (First Friday Festival Las Vegas). I also learned how to solder precious metals and tested out new materials to work with. I’ve made back 80% of my investment from this year alone, and now making new goals for 2018.

If someone had told me five years ago that I will be spending all my days working for myself and investing all my energy into my passion, I would have laughed and snarled “HA, I wish!” Until today, I cannot grasp my mind around the fact that I really am doing what I have always prayed and wished for. I’m finally living in the moment and have loved every struggles, failures, and success of first times since the year started.

For the last eight months, I have been pouring my heart and soul into this new venture and I couldn’t be happier. Always the one to use creativity to let the words left unspoken be the voice of it all, I am inspired by everything that I have gone through in the last 10 years. All the successful changes and heartbreaking chaos have helped me create pieces for my shop.

Profit is not in mind when I start soldering or molding pieces together, it always has a a piece of me hidden behind each one. I prayed so long for this and it is finally in motion. Do something that you are proud of and passionate about. Don’t ever use money as your ultimate motive as greed does not produce something that you can whole-heartedly be proud of. Do it with passion, pure intentions, or not at all.

What have you done this year that your past self wished and prayed for?


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