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Successfully meal prep, be debt-free

For the new year, I know everyone jumps on the gym and clean eating train. It usually last roughly til the beginning of February. In my case, I finally found my “zone” and no longer count calories so this meal prep is not for gym purposes. Although it is a bonus because I don’t go for “take-outs” or eat processed and deep fried food. Yes, I still do my usual workout, vitamins, drinking my water, and still love my weights work out.

Most meal prep consist of going to wholesale stores and buying a lot in bulk. Proteins on proteins, that’s the goal if you’re lifting. In our case, we are shredding our debt and bulking our savings account.

Benefits of meal prepping:

  1. Saves money
  2. Clean eating
  3. Portion control
  4. Time saver

That’s all I’ve got that benefits our bank account haha, I’m sorry if you were looking for a longer list.

How to meal prep:

  1. Buy your meat in bulk from wholesale stores or clearance in the freezer section. Buy meat, poultry, and seafood in bulk because they can easily be stored in the freezer.
  2. Use meat as a “side dish” such as in burritos, salads, soup, sandwiches, and mixed with tons of vegetables.
  3. Purchase your vegetables, fruits, canned goods, & carbs (pasta, tortilla, bread, etc) from discount stores. I prefer 99 Cents Store, but if it is not available you may go to the Dollar Store. Purchase canned goods if you only need one, if more is needed I recommend from wholesale store or Smith’s.
  4. Cook meals that has vegetables first so they do not spoil. You may cut up fruits and place in the freezer. Perfect for smoothie breakfast 🙂
  5. You can place extra bread in the freezer and defrost when needed (a trick my mother taught me).
  6. Cook once a week. Stews and soups can be placed in freezer friendly containers/ziplocks and may be defrosted and reheated.

Buy purchasing from wholesales and discounted stores, you are able to control more than jut portion, you control how much each meal cost per person. I am only meal prepping for myself at the moment and I have successfully meal prep each meal that cost no more than $1. That’s $7/week x 4 = $28 a month on main course. This does not include my lunches/snacks brining my monthly meal prep budget to roughly $100 a month. Any of the leftover bulk meat/poultry will go towards next month and decreasing my grocery budget 🙂

Having ready-to-eat meals cut your trips to the drive-thru especially when you are running errands or after a long work day. You know that you do not have to head to the grocery store during rush hour, prepare a meal, wait, and wait until 9-10pm to be able to relax. I can honestly say that the biggest problem for me as to why I order take-out is because I am a little too lazy to defrost, cook, and clean the kitchen each day. Meal prepping is my hero right now 🙂

I will post the recipe under the “Lifestyle” category.


Pastele Stew Recipe


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