$23k Debt-Free

December 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Credit Card: $9,532.69 – $189.00 = $9,442.00

Student Loan: $10,259.00  – $111.18 = $10,151.00

Discover Credit Card: $2,172.00 – $44.00 = $2,128

Total debt balance = $21,721.00

Hoping that this is the last time we pay minimum on our Credit Card debt. We want to ring in the New Year by erasing 50% of our total debt by the end of January. December was a chaotic month for Joel and I since we only had a total of seven days together. All Christmas shopping, maintenance, and alone time dates cramped in seven days. So money was spent left and right.

See that “⬆️$2,172”, that was a necessity purchase for Joel’s job so it’s forgiven haha. But this is our estimate balance that we are bringing over to 2017 and we WILL erase it all. I can’t wait for the day I can write a post describing just how liberating it is to be debt-free.

If you refer back to January 2016’s first Debt-Free post here we are back to square one. The same amount we started off with exactly a year ago. All work related for Joel, so it was not impulse shopping mayhem that increased our total debt. We sacrificed the pain of increasing our debt ONCE AGAIN in the beginning of the year, and by the end of it, we are sacrificing one more time to pay it all off to start the New Year. Wish us luck!


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