$23k Debt-Free

November 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Credit Card: $9,532.69 – $191.00 = $9,341.69

Student Loan: $10,259.00  – $111.18 = $10,182.17

Total debt balance = $19,523.86

After long months of waiting and saving, Joel is coming home. It will not be weeks or couple months as usual because opportunity and sacrifices has to be taken and made again. Hopefully this will be the last time in awhile that he has to double up on two different contracts back-to-back. We will just have to make-do and make the best of the few days we have together before he leaves for another job.

We are aiming as this month and the month of December to be the last time we pay the minimum on the Credit Card debt. Since we will not be together to welcome in the New Year, we hope to start it with paying off our Credit Card in full.

We did pretty well filling up our savings and meeting our goal for our “6-month expenses” savings. Since he’s doing back-to-back, we will not even have to rely on the 6-month expense savings. We will be able to use that as a cushion and allow us to use February to hopefully pay off the Student Loan. I guess you can say, that’s how we will celebrate our Valentine’s Day 2017.

Just because we have a cushion from our current saving does not mean we will not continue to budget. We will make slight adjustment to our other expenses i.e. wireless plan, internet, groceries, utilities, etc. Especially with January upon us, I have been working on a new business venture and will make a blog post on it soon 🙂


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