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September 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Credit Card: $9,533.84 – $195.00 = $9,443.71

Student Loan: $10,352.09  – $111.18 = $10,286.82

Total debt balance = $19,730.53

As far as the debts are going, we are paying them at a steady pace. The student loan is still nightmare since the interest is taking more of the monthly minimum payment than the principal. For the next two months, we will continue to pay the minimum monthly payment. Before the year ends, we hope the credit card will be a $9k even and we can take out an $8K personal loan to put towards the Student loan. I know I know, personal loan has high minimum payment and interest, but at least we know it will be faster to pay off.



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