Butter up your routine

When I was younger, it was all about the scented lotions, name brand skin & hair products, and box colors. I wanted to learn how to beat my face with makeup so I could hide the flaws and color my hair every two months and never cut it so it was longer.

Fast forward to a budget and chemical-free conscious individual, I no longer felt the urge to do all those crap. I also realized that I am allergic to artificial scents like my mother. Growing up, I have come to the conclusion that I want to add years to my life both inside and out, pretty much to look & feel as young as I possibly can. I ditched the name brands, chemical loaded products with ingredients I cannot even pronounced, and being minimal when it came to my routine.

The best secret to a youthful glow is to not be afraid to butter up your body from head to toe. Exfoliate and moisturize is my beauty motto.

Here, I will include a list of all my favorite oils/creams that I currently use:

  1. Sweet almond oil
    Uses: After shower, face moisturizer
  2. Castor oil
    Uses: Lash & brows, hot oil treatment
  3. Extra virgin olive oil
    Uses: Hot oil treatment, hand & nails moisturizer mask
  4. Coconut oil 
    Uses: Hot oil treatment
  5. 100% pure Argan oil 
    Uses: Night face moisturizer, armpit, lashes & brows
  6. Rose hip oil 
    Uses: Night face moisturizer
  7. Tea tree oil
    Uses: Acne spot treatment, weekly face mask, armpit
  8. Vitamin C serum
    Uses: Daily face moisturizer
  9. Jergens unscented or shea butter lotion
    Uses: Body lotion
  10. Aquaphor 
    Uses: Cuticles, elbows, scars, bites, knees, feet
Face essentials
Body moisturizer
Favorite base for DIY
Hair and skin

You can purchase most of these items Here



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