$23k Debt-Free

July 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Third Credit card: $552 – $552 = PAID OFF!

Personal Loan: $3,264.55 – $332.77 = $2,942.45

Credit Card: $9,821.91 – $197.00 = $9,624.91

Student Loan: $10,468.41  – $111.18 = $10,403.66

Total debt balance = $22,971.02

We finally paid off another credit card which we used for my round trip to Hawaii. Still a long way to go to pay off half of the total debt balance, but we are staying steady and agreed on how we are going to tackle the next debt “Personal Loan”. It’s decreasing at a steady pace. Next move is to either pay the personal loan to make the balance an even $2k next month and put down $1k or pay it in full in August. My birthday month is creeping in close and I really have Home in mind again, but this time only two weeks. No increasing the debt, we will use debit card instead to avoid adding $600 back to our total debt balance.


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