Our May Bucket List: Snorkeling

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Most visitors would have it in their tour guide book that they should visit Hanauma Bay for the ultimate snorkeling experience. There are other snorkeling spot that is not as known as the famous Hanauma Bay. I personally love Pupuke’a Beach for my snorkeling fix because it is more forgiving for those who are not the best swimmer or has anxiety about being out in the open. There are two areas you can snorkel at (pictured is the right side), if you are more of an experienced swimmer or with a tour group, you will most likely be on the right side since it gets deeper. You can see turtles occasionally swimming within the lagoon.

If you want the same experience, but prefer the shallow like myself I suggest you snorkel on the left side. The water level on average is waist deep (I’m 5’2″) with abundant amount of reef as much as the right side. Just because it’s shallow doesn’t mean you will be missing out on all the variety of fishes, you will still see the same fishes and same sizes such as Rainbow Fish, Humu, Oi’o, puffer, etc. Sometimes if you get lucky, a Hawaiian monk seal might just swim by usually when the tides are higher.

We have been coming to this spot religiously for the last 2 years when we first got into snorkeling and shell collecting. It never leave me disappointed and we can stay here for hours.

This is a protected area so please abide the rules when coming here.

A’ole (No-no’s/DONTs):

  1. Fishing
  2. Collecting and bringing home sea shells that are occupied (pls double check) *little trick is to whistle into the shell opening, the homeowner should wiggle out*
  3. Avoid stepping on the Wana (sea urchins) *If you do, for a temporary relief pee on it*
  4. Climbing and going beyond the rocks is dangerous unless you want to have major reef rash.

Please respect the Aina when you visit.


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