$23k Debt-Free

June 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Third Credit card: $587 – $35 = $552

Personal Loan: $3,424.80 – $332.77 = $3,092.03

Credit Card: $9,915.76 – $199.00 = $9,716.76

Student Loan: $10,398.66 – $111.18 = $10,287.48

Total debt balance = $23,648.27

My vacation is coming to an end and wanted to return back to Vegas without having to worry about paying bills. Joel was able to get a docked ship job a week before I was due to fly back. Thank you Jesus that he landed a docked job in the States, which makes it easier to make daily FaceTime dates 🙂

For this month we’re paying minimum, but when July comes we will start paying  a little more. I am hoping to start doing the snowball method. Next month we will pay off the “Third Credit” card and the two following month after that we plan to pay off the “Personal Loan”. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but we do plan to pay off this debt as quickly as possible 🙂 We have a lot of plans for the future next year, that we would like to start on as soon as the New Year rolls in.


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