Hiatus: Hawai’i Nei

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I am on a month long away from Vegas and will be home for the entire month of May. I’m starting the month with a visit to a new beach I have been wanting to go to for the past few years; Yokohama Bay or known to us locals as “Yokes” (located at the very tip of Oahu’s westside). Joel will be shipping out soon again & after being apart for two months, we wanted to spend time together before he’s gone out to sea for six months.

Being away for only seven months made me realize I was meant for island life more than anything else, but change was something we do not regret. If anything, it has strengthen our relationship and made us appreciate our ‘Home’ and our home away from home.

Our May Bucket List:

  • Backyard BBQ✔️
  • Drink sesh✔️
  • Beach and lots of it!✔️
  • Ring shopping ❤ ✔️
  • Tons of cuddles✔️
  • Sunset beach✔️
  • Sasabune Sushi; our fave spot✔️
  • Movie dates✔️
  • North Shore night sky; our spot✔️
  • Snorkeling✔️
  • Fishing ✔️

For the entire month of May, we will try to finish the entire list with pictures included 🙂



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