Succulent Proud Mama

FullSizeRender-5 copyWhile tagging along with Joel to San Diego when he took his 6 weeks program for his job, we brought our crockpot for the month long trip (more on that later, maybe) and we frequented Von’s for groceries.

The garden area was placed right at the entrance and I always made a slight right turn glance towards the succulents against the wall. Joel must have noticed that I kept eyeing them out and the day before we headed back home (the day before Valentine’s day), he wanted to make a pit stop at Von’s. I waited patiently in the parking lot since I couldn’t leave all our belongings. Twenty minutes later, he walks out with the prettiest succulents bouquet ever “Happy Valentine’s day, Princess :)”

My intention was to keep the entire bouquet as a center piece for our dining table, but living in an apartment there is not enough sun to come through the kitchen window to meet the succulents need. It started sprouting upwards trying to reach for wherever the sun is hitting the room and it was getting ugly for me. I decided to search what I could do and no other way around it than to bring it outside and regrow from petals in my case.

Two months later, here we are with my first succulent baby sprout 🙂 Do you see that cute baby? I started wiggling off petals from the stalk of the ones sprouting upward and threw it over some cactus mix soil ($5 bag at Walmart). I’m probably doing only 50% of the right process to “propagating” succulents, but it is a trial and error type of thing. I have a bunch of petals to work with so I will try to cut a few more petals and try out the other process. For now, I am just really tickled to see my first sprout. I just hope that little baby survive the first stage and that I can replant it in a month or two 🙂


If you have any other tips on how to regrow and replant succulents, please do share with this first timer. I don’t really have green thumbs :/ I am willing to learn though.


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