$23k Debt-Free

Ask A Millionaire FACT

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Warning: This might come off as a rant/vent.

Social media is an easy way to showcase what you’re doing, where you’re vacationing, what your dreams are, and to build a persona that’s not really you. It’s easy to try and deceive others through posting pictures to make others envy you or to allow yourself to sugarcoat your life.

People posting bottle service in the club every weekend, foreign cars, $800 shoes, and unlimited quotes about ‘hustling, grinding, and getting money’. You can’t always believe what you see online because half the time these people are sinking into debt just to ‘look rich’.

Sure, there are times when I wish a million dollars would just fall on my lap. Not to flash it all over the place, but just to erase debts and my families’, too. Maybe ‘I’m wasting’ my youth thinking far ahead in life with these debt, savings, budget stuff, but I also do not want to be 30-something and still struggling with student loans. I’ll admit it that I do like nice things, but it is not important. I appreciate well crafted things that will last a long time, but I don’t fancy quantity. Quantity does not mean wealth, Quality does.

At 25, maybe I am thinking too far ahead, but I grew out of the “party” stage and realized that acquiring all these material things now is not going to benefit me in the future. It will not buy our dream house, take care of a child, pay our wedding, or fund us during our old age. It certainly will not attract the right people into my circle and will not help keep them around for the right reason. Bottom line, I refuse to be in debt to impress others!

Things to consider when you’re putting yourself in major debt for the wrong reasons:

  • Taking out personal loans that you could possibly be paying back double due to interest and late payments
  • Maxing out credit cards only to pay minimum every month
  • Screwing up your credit score
  • Living paycheck-to-paycheck comes with constant stress
  • Working too much overtime and less time to enjoy life
  • You attract the wrong people into your circle
  • Material things does not give you a real peace of mind

The problem today is that a lot of us thinks that being “flashy” all over social media will let people know we are well-off in life. We’re doing better than our “haters” and we’re happier. Truth is, everyone envies each other because of these things not knowing that the person will try to one-up you by buying the next “in thing’, then you see it so you try to one-up them, too, etc. You end up going in circles and you will not realize just how in too deep you are until debt collectors start calling or the bills pile up in the mailbox.



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