$23k Debt-Free

February 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Personal Loan: $4,000 – $0 = $4,000

Credit Card: $6,000 – $161 = $5,839

Student Loan: $10,490 – $230 = $10,720

Second Credit card: $1,110 – $110 = $1,000

Total debt balance = $21,559

A bit rough this month & only noticed that I totally forgot to mention another credit card debt 😦 My mind is wandering off so much lately, but I am slowly getting back to it. I can’t lose focus now because Joel & I are both wearing big kid panties -_-

So there goes another 50% debt increase that we acquired in less than 6 months. But it was all work related meaning = FUTURE. 

Slight changes with Student Loan and Credit Card debt balance because it slipped my mind by a couple of days, so we were late on the payments. It’s not a good habit to keep around, I mean have you seen the numbers increased due to the late fees? Never again! Joel & I need to pray and have a little more faith that we can get through this hell hole of a debt drought. ASAP! *Sigh*, we’ll get back up again. We just need to be extra ECTRA smarter than we were last year.


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