$23k Debt-Free

January 2016: Debt-Free Break Down

Loan: $Total debt – $Monthly payment = $Total balance

Personal Loan: $5,000 – $1,000 = $4,000

Credit Card: $6,000 – $0 = $6,000

Student Loan: $11,000 – $0 = $11,000

Total debt balance = $22,000

Last year, we were able to pay off Sallie Mae before the company went into ruins, thank goodness. That was part of the 2015 New Year bucket list and paying it off erased the debt by 50%. By moving into a new apartment into a new state around the busiest time of the year, debt has gone up by 50% again. No, it is not caused by the holiday gifts, but it’s from work sacrifices  Walter had to make this month. You have to spend money to make money. 

I had a previous blog from another site where I break down the monthly debt pay-off. It gave me a rush, haha 😉 This year, we are more focus than ever because we’re aiming towards a house next. We must spend wiser than we did last year to get through bills, debt, and life. Let’s do this, 2016!



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