2016 Bucket List

Just last year, I have decided to switch up Resolutions for Bucket list. I find it harder to keep resolutions within the first 3 months, because it just feels like a burden and a “responsibility”. I have a separate bucket list, but I will pick one to two things from it and add it for the new year. Last year, I was able to add and complete five things from my bucket list (attend EDC 2015 Las Vegas, pay off one school loan, move into a new apartment, own a car, and driver’s license). Mix your bucket list with much easier things to accomplish such as ex. lose 10 pounds, get a dog, plant a garden, etc. The key to staying focus is to make a 5-year plan, have a step-by-step, and turn that step-by-step into your New Year’s list. Aim to complete at the most 50% of your list to avoid disappointment.

Here is my 2016 list: (Bold & Italic for accomplished goal<3)

  1. New PT and/or FT job
  2. Save $3k for school fund
  3. Pay off $5k personal loan ❤
  4. Pay off $1k credit card ❤
  5. 780+ credit score
  6. Drop to 120 lbs. and maintain it
  7. Vape all year
  8. Cook more, less processed food
  9. Drive on the Vegas freeway (yes, I am scared of freeways LOL) ❤
  10. Send out 5k crane to Cranes for Cancer
  11. Make a total $500 thread flip sales ❤
  12. Stat fresh, new blog ❤

What’s on your bucker list?


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